Anti-consumerist, or just mean?

Hi, I'm Justin, and I've just started this brand spanking new blog. I won't tell you what a pleasant experience using this new blogging software to write an article is, because that would be geeky and I have another blog for that kind of thing.

You might be wondering about the blog's name. Is this guy some kind of nutritionist?

Rubber duck nutritionist - Buy the T-shirt

Actually, it's nothing like that.

I had been thinking about starting a blog for a while. This morning, I realised that I'd been putting this off for ages just because I couldn't think of an unclaimed name that I liked. Realising how lame this was, I determined to grab the first name that came to mind and, lo, within seconds I'd remembered an anecdote that gave me something useable.

Some time in the previous millennium, this snippet of phone conversation happened between two of my friends:

C:   Justin is such a miser you wouldn't believe it.

J :   Really? He doesn't seem like that to me.

C:   Honestly! He's so mean that when he buys a sandwich, he reads the nutritional information on every packet to make sure he gets the one with the most calories per pence.

J :   Isn't that normal?

As you can see, only one of my friends really grasped what normal was.

Justin Hellings

I'm a geek in a world that insists on being irrational and a greenie in a society that insists on speeding towards its own destruction. There's some work to be done here. Nah, let's go snowboard. Woo!

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